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Early Harvard Med School Syllabus
G5-003. [PAMPHLET] HARVARD UNIVERSITY MEDICAL DEPARTMENT SUMMER SESSIONS , March 12, 1866. [Complete issue of 16 pages, octavo size, published at Boston, Mass., by Clapp & Son]
Scarce imprint contains all the details of the Harvard Med School Summer session, the courses of instruction and the faculty, recommended text books, schedule of fees, and a listing of all students in the 1865-66 winter session. The courses were conducted at Boston's Massachusetts General Hospital, with some lectures back at the Yard. Nice Harvardiana, not commonly encountered.
Condition of this issue is very fine . . . 25.00

Rare Intact Archive of American Shipping Documents
G5-005. DOCUMENTS OF THE SCHOONER J.F. KRANTZ , 1875 to 1878. [mostly singlesheet, 16mo to folio size, various places]
This amazing archive consists of 137 original documents from the voyages of the schooner "John F. Krantz of Portland, Maine, consisting of printed forms with handwritten entries or entirely handwritten. They hail from many ports - Cadiz, Lisbon,, Liverpool, Antwerp, Naples, and others, as well as New York and Panama on this side of the Atlantic. Included are Billheads for the ship's supplies and provisions, harbor clearances, pilot bills, sanitary certificates, Captain Howe's expenses lists, other government documents, and more. Most interesting study lot of European commercial practices encountered in the travels of this American tall ship.
Condition is generally quite fine, perhaps a half-dozen defective . . . 250.00

ALS Gibson Girl Creator
G5-007. A.L.S. (AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED) CHARLES DANA GIBSON , (1909). [singlesheet, quarto size, N.P.] ALS accompanying rent payment for his cottage. A prolific illustrator, Gibson (1867 - 1944) is best known for his "Gibson Girl," an iconic representation of the beautiful and independent American woman at the turn of the 20th century, many examples of whom were published in LIFE magazine between about 1890 and World War I. Scarcer autograph in ALS format, characteristic oversized, bold penmanship.
Condition is very fine . . . 48.00

Of Journalism History Note
G5-008. CHARLES L. BARTHOLOMEW, April, 1909. [singlesheet, 4to size, Minneapolis] Bartholomew was a renowned children's illustrator and a cartoonist for the "MINNEAPOLIS JOURNAL". This lot consists of two items, his autograph on the "JOURNAL" letterhead, and a T.L.S. from the paper's Art Department editor A.E. Larson forwarding the same to Boston autograph collector Varnum Waugh.
Condition is very fine . . . 20.00

Mexican-American editor TLS
G5-009. T.L.S. (TYPED LETTER SIGNED) Frederick Guernsey, October 12, 1903. [singlesheet, 4to size, Mexico City, Mexico] Bold signature and closing of Guernsey, editor of"The Mexico Herald" on the newspaper's letterhead. Here he apologizes for the "uneven quality" of his letters to the editor of a Boston newspaper.
Condition is very fine . . . 20.00

Publisher of The Club Woman ALS
G5-012. A.L.S. (AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED) Helen M. Winslow, April 6, 1909. [singlesheet, size, Boston, Mass.] The publisher and editor of the Boston "Club Woman" society newspaper here accepts an invitation to s musicale. On the paper's letterhead.
Condition is very fine . . . 16.00

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