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How to Bat
G6-002. [SINGLE ISSUE] HARPER'S YOUNG PEOPLE, June 9, 1891. [Complete original issue, 16 pages, quarto size, published at New York by the Harper Brothers]
"SOME HINTS AT BATTING" is an interesting baseball article by New York Times art critic William Henderson (1855 - 1937) in which he recounts his days as a ball player on the Princeton team (he graduated in 1876) in the "good old days" of the sport. Two illustrations show the correct and wrong ways of batting. Nice feature Profusely illustrated weekly newspaper for younger readers. Sorry for the poor quality photo; glossy paper reflects and sistorts the camera flash and dulls the overall image quality!
Condition of this issue is fine . . . 10.00

Horatio Alger and Others, A Remarkable Week in American History
G6-003. [SINGLE ISSUE]. STREET & SMITH'S NEW YORK WEEKLY, July 10, 1876. [Complete issue, 8 pages, folio size, published at New York by Francis Street and Francis Smith]
In this issue is a chapter of "Tony the Tramp" by the renowned author Horatio Alger Jr. Among other articles in this enormously successful weekly story paper are a long feature on the brutal exploitation of coal miners in "The Slate-Picker, or the Slave of the Coal Shaft" done up in the "purple prose" of the era. Other era attitudes are show in an ad for a new serial to start next week entitled "The Jew Banker, or the Wolves of Warsaw." Lots more content of note, baby pictures "for the ladies" etc. This is the week when Americans were celebrating the 100th birthday of the United States, and were first absorbing the news of Custer's fatal mistakes at Little Big Horn.
Condition is nice very fine, original state, never bound or trimmed, very slight fold browning on Page One . . . 12.50

Murder Most Foul on the Streets of New-York!
G6-004. [SINGLE ISSUE]. BROTHER JONATHAN, March 25, 1843. [Complete issue, 28 pages, quarto size, published at New York, N.Y., by Wilson & Company]
"MYSTERIOUS MURDER OF MR. CHARLES G. CORLISS" heads a 2 1/2 page account of the gunning down of the popular saloon keeper on Leonard Street by a "mysterious woman," with all the details in the Coroner's Inquest, etc. Very detailed coverage of a rare street crime, in this year that murder in New York would capture the public imagination. Much more in this issue including a chapter of the "Life and Adventures of Martini Chuzzlewit by Charles Dickens, Esq.," possibly the first American serialized appearance. Also, James Fenimore Cooper contributes the little-known "The Brothers, A Tale of the Mohawk." Other reading includes a "Railroad Adventure," the latest excesses of Millerism and the repeal of the charter of Nauvoo, where Mormon cult leader Smith has raised a dangerous private army. Unusual full-page engraved cover depicts various Muses, with a grinning Jonathan at the top holding open a volume of the elephant folio edition of this paper!
Before "Uncle Sam" personified the United States, the young nation was symbolized by the brash young "Brother Jonathan." The original Brother Jonathan was in fact Connecticut Governor Jonathan Trumbull, who acquired this nickname for his help to George Washington in the War of Independence.
Condition is bright VF . . . SOLD

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