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PART III: Books on the War

Most Authoritative History of Civil War Journalism
CB-001. [Reference Books]. Andres, The North Reports the Civil War and The South Reports the Civil War. U. Pittsburgh, 1985. This set comprises best work written to date on American newspapers during the great conflict. It is rich with information on how the news was gathered by the dashing corespondents of the time, and reported to the public, together with extensive quotes from the war's most significant editorials and news reports. Much on the politics of opinion making, interference, formal and otherwise, by both governments, etc. Two volume set, softcover, new condition, 813pp and 611pp 8vo, published at $39.95. . . . . 32.50
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Excellent Civil War Journalism
CB-002. [Reference Book]. Brayton Harris, BLUE & GRAY IN BLACK & WHITE: Newspapers in the Civil War, 2000. [365 pages, large 8vo softcover size, Washington, by Batford Bratsey's]
A great history of newspapering during the Civil War, packed with information about the publishers and reporters, northern and southern with lengthy extracts from the greatest of the war reporting. Topics such as censorship, racial attitudes, the military's role in news, and more are well analyzed here. If you get only one book of Civil War journalism, this is the one, a concise one-volume library.
New condition. Published at $19.95 . . . 10.00

U.S. Grant and the Press
CB-003. [Reference Book]. Harry Maihafaer, THE GENERAL AND THE JOURNALISTS: Ulysses S. Grant, Horace Greeley, and Charles Dana, 1998. [softcover octavo size, 315 pages, publ. at Washington by Batford Bratsey's]
This excellent study discusses the careers and interactions of three of the most influential men of their times, General and later President Ulysses Grant, the eccentric Horace Greeley, editor and founder of the great New York Tribune, and Charles Dana, editor of the powerful New York Sun. Well researched, the volume presents detailed biographies of these men, and how Grant was presented by the journalists to the American public, from his earliest appearance as the hero of Fort Donelson a year into the war, through his bloody Virginia campaigns, and the amazing "hands off" treatment he was accorded during his tenure as Chief Executive. Great reading for the history buff, carefully presenting a not often told tale of politics, power, and the media. I am impressed by the depth of research - I discovered that Grant's best man at his wedding to Julia Dent was Pete Longstreet, later Lee's right-hand man.
New condition. Published at $19.95 . . . 9.50

Detailed Study of the Nation's Capital in Wartime
CB-004. [Washington]. Leech, Margaret, Reveille in Washington 1860 -, 1865.. [Carroll & Graf, N.Y., 1991; 483pp large 8vo paperback]. This superb study of the city of Washington during the Civil War won the Pulitzer Prize in 1941, the year it was first published. Period newspapers are quoted at length, and there are several pages of Harper's Weekly woodcuts telling the tale of the Federal government's operations in its most difficult years, the President and his family and cabinet, prominent Unionist and rebel spies and much more. Historical reading at its finest. Published at 12.95. New condition. . . 7.50
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What Do You Know About the War?
CB-007. [Fact Book]. Gragg, Rod, Civil War Quiz and Fact Book. [Colophon Books, N.Y.,1985; 210pp large octavo, paper]. This fascinating and well-illustrated book tests your knowledge of the events and personalities of the war with hundreds of questions and answers, some of the most famed events and some now all but forgotten. A great collection of reading material. Enjoyable way to enrich your knowledge of this most important period of our history. Publisher's original price $9.95 . New condition. . . 4.95
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Shiloh, Bloody Shiloh
CB-010. [Shiloh]. Daniels, Shiloh. The Battle That Changed the Civil War. [Touchstone Books, N.Y., 1997; 430pp large octavo, paperback]. This fine Civil War battle history gives an hour-by-hour account of the bloody Tennessee battle of April, 1862, with full information on the armies, commanders, events leading to the clash and its aftermath. This ofteCW-overlooked battle was a pivotal event in the war, escalating the military struggle to a degree never before seen in the Americas. In those fateful two days more Americans died than had been lost in America's entire 250 year military history to that time, yet both sides dug in for what would be a bitter fight to the end. Several pages of contemporary photos. Paper. Published at $14.00. New condition. . . 8.50
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The Stories Behind the Headlines of the Civil War
CB-026. [REFERENCE BOOK]. Williams, David, A People's History of the Civil War, 2005. [394 pages, hardcover 8vo size, published at New York by The New Press]
This meticulously researched book contains eye-opening accounts of what the great war was like for average Americans on both sides of the lines, detailing what is not often discussed in conventional histories - the people's disaffection with the rival governments, and the wholesale resistance of a free people to both regimes' encroachments on their traditional liberties.
Drawing on thousands of letters, newspaper reports, diaries and personal histories, a startling picture emerges of an American people unwilling to make war on their fellow citizens, and of strong and often repressive government measures to compel them to do so, with such despotic means as military conscription, suspension of civil liberties, economic and social sanctions, wide-scale ballot fraud and voter intimidation, and much more. Such phenomena as the Northern draft riots and the Southern food riots are placed within their context of the growing dissatisfaction with the "rich man's war" and its many profiteers.
Especially intriguing is the author's work in uncovering what may have been the true reasons that southern planters committed the desperate act of secession, and why the U.S. government felt justified in unleashing a war of unprecedented violence and devastation against them. A most thought-provoking work essential to a well-rounded picture of those momentous times.
New book in dustjacket. Published at $29.95 . . . SOLD

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