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The Great Wars of the 20th Century
A singular fact about modern war is that it takes charge. Once begun it has to be carried to its conclusion, and carrying it there sets in motion events that may be beyond men's control. Doing what has to be done to win, men perform acts that alter the very soil in which society's roots are nourished. - Bruce Catton

The Twentieth Century was a period of unprecented technical and social progress. Yet it may well be remembered as the bloodiest hundred years in human history. The two great World Wars of 1914 - 1918 and 1939 - 1945, together with the smaller, localized conflicts took a staggering toll in human life. Various source give a total of between 195 million and 230 million dead. It is a grim truth that the vast majority of the casualties were civilians.

We may avoid another century of conflict only if we understand the forces that caused the last one - the dark forces that conjure up ethnic conflict and imperial rivalry out of economic crisis, and in doing so negate our common humanity. They are forces that stir within us still.

Here is a selection of contemporary periodicals, from all sides, reporting these events when they were the day's news. Their immediacy and vividness can be quite startling, for this is war reported just as it happened, with generally minimal government censorship, at least in the U.S. papers. When these accounts were penned, no one could say what the outcome of the huge investment in lives and wealth would be, or which side would emerge victorious.

The titles of non-English language newspapers are indicated in italic type in the descriptions.

Please note that as these are large, heavy newspapers there is a small extra shipping charge, as noted in the individual listings.

Lovely World War One Display Newspaper Broadside
WW-200. [BROADSIDE] RYBNIKER ZEITUNG , December 3, 1914. [Complete issue of singlesheet, 2 pages, quarto, 11" x 12" size, published at Rybnik, Germany, by the Rybniker Zeitung Corp.]
Issue Number 235 of a rare wartime patriotic "Extra" edition, printed in red and black. In this number we read of the Kaiser's activities in Breslau and a brief dispatch from the front. Lovely decorative piece, with a bold Iron Cross in the Masthead. Blank on verso. Scarcer imprint from what is now a Polish city. Upper Silesia was ceded to Germany in the partition of 1795 but was returned to the short-lived Polish republic after the Axis' defeat in 1918, though strongly German in population. It was "re-Germanized" in 1939 and once again returned to Polish control in 1945.
Condition of this issue is very fine, tiny lower L corner loss . . . 25.00

Forgotten Facts About the Path to War
RF-027. [REFERENCE BOOK]. Baker, Nicholson, Human Smoke, 2008. [566 pages, hardcover 8vo size, published at New York, Simon & Schuster]
This remarkable work presents in thousands of speeches, diaries, memos, public proclamations and contemporary newspaper articles, powerful first-hand documentation of the diplomatic blunders, behind-the-scenes intrigues, miscalculations and lost opportunities for peace that led to the Second World War. The result - seventy million dead, including millions of civilians deliberately slain in Axis concentration camps and in Allied bombing raids, the destruction of Europe, the collapse of the British Empire, the unleashing of the nuclear genie, the Holocaust, and the expansion of Stalin's ruthless regime into the west.
Covering the turbulent years of 1933 - 1941 in great depth, the old documents come to vivid life telling the story of power politics that shaped the modern world. Especially troubling is how special interests drew the United States into the conflict, despite the desire of the overwhelming majority of the American people to follow the Founding Fathers' sound advice and never again become entangled in a European war.
A meticulously researched yet sure to be controversial work of historical scholarship that deserves a place on every history buff's bookshelf. The author is a noted historic newspaper preservationist; since 1997 he has saved many irreplaceable archives from destruction, setting up the American Newspaper Repository for their preservation. He is a recipient of the James Madison Freedom of Information Award in recognition of his contributions to historical preservation.
New book in dustjacket, published at $30.00 . . . 11.95

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