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       What we shall some day become will grow inexorably out of what today we are; and what we are now, in its turn, comes out of what earlier Americans were - out of what they did and thought and dreamed and hoped for, out of their trials and their aspirations, out of their shining victories and their dark and tragic defeats. -Bruce Catton, 1958.

Welcome to my Introductory Catalog of genuine historic newspapers. The papers and magazines I present here for your consideration were chosen from my archives as fine representatives of their times. Each is rich in everyday news, reported according to the standards of the time. They contain fascinating and collectible advertisements, together with opinion pieces, feature stories, and much more. I believe that these fine old newspapers truly bring the reality of the past back to life in a vivid way that no other historic artifact can duplicate.

The Newspapers

      In the United States every worthy citizen reads a newspaper, and owns the newspaper which he reads. A newspaper is a window through which men look out on all that is going on in the world. In our day, newspapers keep pace with history and record it. A good newspaper will keep a sensible man in sympathy with the world's current history. It is an ever-unfolding encyclopedia; an unbound book forever issuing and never finished. -Henry Ward Beecher, editorial in The Independent, 1864

All the papers and magazines are in excellent collectible condition and may be handled in safety. The older papers were printed on a fine quality of paper made of cotton and linen which has survived the passage of time in surprisingly nice condition. Later papers on newsprint are very well preserved, having been carefully archived over the years and are not brittle or otherwise impaired. I am sure you will be delighted with their exceptional state of preservation. I present only the finest condition newspapers that can be found to my valued friends and customers.

All items in this catalog are unconditionally guaranteed to be genuine and accurately described. They are in very fine used condition and are complete with all pages as issued. All papers are free of damage or objectionable defects. Newspapers are full folio size unless described as quarto (abbreviated 4to) or octavo (8vo), which are respectively smaller in format. Most newspapers have been removed from bound volumes and may exhibit normal minor spine weakness without disfiguring loss.

The Catalogs

My Introductory Catalog consists of five sections, which you can access by clicking on the links here or the banners below. They are

  • The Earliest Americana. [1775 - 1830] The earliest and scarcest papers printed in America. They are quite unique, having been printed in very small numbers on hand-made paper on the old "Franklin" style wooden presses.

  • Antebellum America. [1830 - 1860] A fine glimpse into the decades of explosive growth and change and the increasingly bitter political controversy that preceded the war between the states.

  • The Civil War. [1861 - 1865] A nice group of representative newspapers from the years of the great struggle. This is the climactic moment of American history, when the fate of the world's lone experiment in democracy hung in the balance each day, as reports of battles and diplomacy came in.

  • The Age of Expansion. [1865 - 1910] These papers chronicle the recovery of the nation from the wounds of civil war, the rapid growth of industry and technology, the influx of settlers into the west, and America's rise as a world power.

  • The 20th Century. [1910 - 1950] An introductory selection of newspapers from 1910 and later. This is the era of the modern newspaper, which are striking similar in appearance to today's newspapers, filled with news, pictures, sports, comics, and so on.

  • British and World Journalism. [1675 - 1945] I feature British journalism for its importance to understanding American history. Our tradition of the freedom of the press is firmly rooted in English soil, and British periodicals circulated extensively in the Colonies, many years before the first American newspaper. Likewise my sampler of world newspapers presents some attractive specimens from four centuries.

    Each catalog item is very briefly described for its general appearance and content. There is so much more in every paper than I could possibly have the space to tell you about! Each one contains hours of historic reading and insights into the world preserved on its pages. The dates that you will receive are of my choice within the years listed. There is a good supply of different dates in stock of each title, so you may order multiples of each listing with confidence; all different dates will be provided. I cannot honor requests for specific dates or special historic content at these low "type issue" prices but we will be pleased to receive your want lists for such items.

    Ordering Info

    My catalogs employ a fast Javascript "shopping cart" system to tally up and send your order. Non-javascript users can email an order or use the printable order forms provided with each catalog. Orders may also be placed by telephone during regular business hours.

    We accept payment by check, money order, or cash. We accept all credit cards through PayPal, Xcom's free Internet payment service.

    Thank You!

    Your comments are always welcome, as are your inquiries. We value our customers, and appreciate the confidence you place in us when ordering from our on line catalogs. We strive to merit your patronage and to enrich your collecting experience through accurate, knowledgeable descriptions, honest pricing, courteous service, and timely order filling.

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