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About This Era and its Newspapers

Give me but liberty of the press, and . . . I will shake down corruption from its height, and bury it amidst the ruins of the abuses it was meant to shelter. -Richard Sheridan, 1794.
I feature British journalism prominently in my catalogs due to its singular importance to understanding American history, and because it forms a fascinating study in its own right. The earliest newspapers appear in England long before the press became established in the Colonies. They are wonderful collectibles from an era that helped shape our own. Newspapers made an enormous change in the political and social life of the time and mirror their period faithfully. They provide a remarkable window in the past, like none other.

The American tradition of freedom of the press is firmly rooted in English soil. Many courageous Britons risked flogging, imprisonment, and even execution to publish the news in defiance of the Crown monopoly, an example widely imitated in the American colonies, where British periodicals circulated extensively. It is worthy of note that the stirring for freedom and justice that characterized the "Enlightenment" of the eighteenth century were largely spread to America in the newspapers imported from England when our native press was in its infancy.

British newspapers are also a treasury of early American news in the years before there was an American press. American news was generally sympathetically reported in all but the most conservative Tory newspapers, as Britons were waging the fight for liberty at home at the same time as the colonies were preparing for war with the motherland. The exaggerated claims of rebel propagandists -and there were many- were soundly corrected, however, in contemporary British journals; reading these articles today offers most interesting perspective on the Colonies' actual relations with Britain and how the ultimate separation was engineered.

About The Catalog Listings
All items in this catalog are unconditionally guaranteed to be genuine and accurately described. Any item may be returned within seven days of receipt for a full refund. No reason for return is ever required.They are in fine used condition and are complete with all pages as issued. All papers are free of damage or objectionable defects. I am are sure you will be delighted with their exceptional state of preservation. I purchase only the finest condition newspapers that can be found to offer to my valued friends and customers.

These are the finest quality original antique newspapers and magazines, that you might find elsewhere priced at much greater cost. It has always been my policy to present my catalog items at "wholesale to the public" prices. Therefore all catalog items and quoted prices are net, and are not subject to further discount, either for dealers or in consideration of quantity orders. It is our policy to price our items based on what we believe to be their fair market value. I do not set prices at absurdly inflated levels to take advantage of novices or "investors"; nor do employ the common ploy of starting with an unrealistically high price in order to "negotiate" a phony discount later. As over a third of our catalog orders are from dealers buying for resale, at our stated prices, we have every confidence that this policy maintains an ethical standard of integrity and fairness to all.

About These Newspapers and Magazines
The newspapers are full folio size unless described as quarto or octavo, which are respectively smaller in format, the latter being the standard size for most magazines. Most newspapers have been carefully removed from bound volumes and may exhibit characteristic minor spine weakness or separation without significant paper loss. Magazines are disbound from annual volumes and lack wraps unless otherwise stated, as these were very rarely preserved in the bound runs.

Each catalog entry is very briefly described for the general appearance, historical significance, and content of the title. Every issue contains hours of additional historic reading and insights into the world preserved on its pages, much more than I could find the space to describe here. The peridocials offered here are what are called "atmosphere" or "type" issues. They were printed on those ninety-nine days in a hundred that nothing of great historic note occurred. They are still of great value (and quite modest price) for the intimate glimpse they provide into a long-vanished world. Their articles detail what was important to the people of those days, be it politics, wars, social values, or any ol the other enduring human concerns. Even the ads, so modest by our standards, speak to us of the never-changing human wish for novelty, status, comfort, and security.

The exact dates that you will receive will be of my choice as stock allows, all from within the years listed. There is a good supply of different dates in stock of each title, so you may order multiples of each listing with confidence; all different dates will be provided. Catalog prices are per single issue. I cannot accept requests for specific dates or special historic content at these low "type issue" prices but we will be pleased to receive your want lists for such items.

I pride myself on the quality and accuracy of my catalog descriptions, and strive to provide all the information needed to enable you to make an informed selection. Please consult my collector information pages and glossary of terms page linked below, if you are not sure of what any of the descriptive terms mean.

Pictures of Cataloged Items
Digital photos are available of some of the items in this catalog. More will be added soon. Please note that the camera flash tends to exaggerate foxing and spotting, some degree of which is normal in old paper and which is not so dramatic in person!

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A Golden Age Classic
N5-044. THE SPECTATOR, 1712. [Complete issue of 2 pages, large quarto size, published at London]
Steele collaborated with Joseph Addison to produce This most famous of all eighteenth century essay papers, a rich treasury of writings of This golden age of English journalism . Well-preserved Fine, scattered foxing . . . SOLD

Original Sheepskin Indentures
N5-066. [Vellum Indenture]. Typical Example, 1760 - 1774. These decorative early English documents are legal contracts entirely handwritten on large sheep skins, and begin with a flourishing heading starting "This indenture made on the [date and regnal year] of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland..." Their content relates to real estate transactions, such as deeds, mortgages, leases, assignments, feoffments, and the like. The embossed blue tax stamps recall the hated American issues that are extreme rarities today. The text is written in English in a fully legible legal hand and the skins measure at least 14" x 22". Indentures made in the name of America's last King are especially prized for their historical association. Colonial American vellums of this period are very rarely seen and can be quite expensive, making these lovely items an excellent choice for today's collector. In fine condition with wax seals etc. as issued. Per document . . . 50.00
Please click here to go to my full Indenture Catalog, with a selection of these attractive documents dating from 1600 through 1895.
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With A British Royal Tax Stamp!
N5-072. THE LONDON CHRONICLE, 1762 to 1772. [London, complete issue of 8pp quarto]. A leading newspaper of Georgian London, filled with news, opinion, and ads. Its first issue appeared in 1757, and it continued to be printed thrice weekly until absorbed into the London Packet in 1823.A family newspaper, the Chronicle sought to provide impartial and accurate accounts of "Foreign transactions" as well as "Domestick incidents". plus a survey of the rich literary, theatrical. and artistic scene of the glittering English capital. In typical period fashion, the news reports were largely garnered from "gentlemen" witnesses to events, reports copied from other newspapers, and from official accounts published in the Royally sponsored London Gazette. Each issue contains a red tax stamp, much similar in appearance to the hated American Revenue stamps of 1765 to 1766; none of the American stamps are known to exist today due to the refusal of newspaper editors to print on stamped paper, and to the efforts of the Sons of Liberty in intimidating stamp officials and convincing the people not to use them. There are only eighteen known American holdings of the title, as cited in Crane & Kaye's definitive study published in 1927, A Census of British Newspapers and Magazines 1620 - 1800. Historic addition to any Americana collection, just . . . . 15.00

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N5-105. JOHN BULL, 1821 - 1822. [Complete issue of 8 pages, large quarto size, published at London]
A sophisticated Sunday newspaper printed on an ultramodern iron printing press with handsome machine-made type, a good example of the wave of progress that was revolutionizing the practice and purpose of newspapers. In the masthead is a fine engraving of the Royal Crown, Scepter, and Bible, with the motto "for God, The King and the People!" . The content of a typical issue is politics, in this turbulent era, plus the latest from the official London Gazette, plenty of news, ads, features, reviews of interest to the gentry. Unlike the situation in the United States, only the elite were able to read and write. Nice item in top condition with untrimmed margins . . . 4.95
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N5-116. THE EDINBURGH GAZETTE, 1830 - 1838. [Edinburgh, Scotland]. This sheet contains a vast amount of ads, mostly shipping and legal news from the economic heart of Scotland. There is a great display Masthead featuring a very large woodcut of the Royal Arms. Partial red tax stamp present. A fortunate purchase allows a very special price for these 160+ year old newspapers. 2 pages, quarto size; fine, each just . . . 2.95
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N5-121. THE PENNY MAGAZINE, 1832 - 1839. [Complete issue of 4 pages, quarto size, published at London]
This little weekly was the first regularly published illustrated newspaper. Produced by "the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge", a rather classic 19th century endeavour, it sought to educate rather than to publish the latest news, and to this end there are wonderful woodcuts of the world's natural and man-made wonders, its leading figures, and more. Nice item. Fine condition . . . 3.25
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N5-126. THE ATHENAEUM, 1832 - 1833. [Complete issue of 16 pages, 4to size, published at London]
Subtitled "Journal of English and Foreign Literature, Science, and the Fine Arts", and excellent weekly newspaper on these topics and more, reviewing the latest books, plays, paintings, etc., along with articles on advances in these fields and the sciences. Special buy allows a special price . Fine condition . . . 2.95
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N5-132. THE WEEKLY VISITOR, 1832 - 1833. [Complete issue of 8 pages, 16mo size, published at London]
A delightful ha'penny weekly, a very early attempt to make the benefits of modern journalism accessible to the masses at the lowest possible cost. There is a cover engraving of the week's feature article, usually an exotic animal, but also something from history or science, along with articles of inspirational content, for this is a publication of London's famous Tract Society, aiming to bring knowledge of God to all.. VF . . . 2.95
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N5-143. [Ephemera]. ACT OF PARLIAMENT, 1837 - 1875. [Complete issue of 2 - 16 pages, quarto size, published at London]
A first printing of a new law enacted by Parliament, ornamented with a handsome titlepage woodcut of the Queen's Arms. From the Sessional volumes, such original Acts are quite scarce. It can safely be estimated than less than half survive of the original press runs, which rarely exceeded a thousand copies. Issued in the name of Queen Victoria, a beautiful and inexpensive memento of that storied era of history. Fine condition . . . 4.50
Click here to go to my collector information page on Acts of Parliament.
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N5-148. CHAMBER'S EDINBURGH JOURNAL, typical issue dated 1840 to 1841. [Edinburgh, Scotland]. Wide variety of news and feature articles in this distinguished Scottish weekly. Robert Chambers (1802 - 1871) began business as a bookseller, which afforded him leisure time to develop his considerable literary talent, which materially promoted the great success of this Journal. There are articles of interest in typical issues on travel, natural sciences, anthropology, and more. Choice condition. 8 pages, 4to size; fine, per issue just . . . 3.50
In 1844 Chambers published Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation, the first treatise proposing than mankind had evolved from lower animals without the aid of a divine creator, predating Darwin's landmark Descent of Man by nearly thirty years. The book appeared anonymously as the Chambers family's main source of income was, ironically, printing Bibles.
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N5-165. THE LONDON JOURNAL, 1846 - 1851. [Complete issue of 16 pages, quarto size, published at London]
A weekly of adventure stories, romances, educational articles, etc., with a large frontpage woodcut and some text illustration. Nice specimen of high Victorian culture . Fine condition . . . 4.95
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A Great Rarity from Down Under
N5-170. [Tasmania]. THE HOBART TOWN GAZETTE, 1847 - 1849.
[Complete issue of 8 - 24 pages, quarto size, published at Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania)] The British Royal Arms grace the Masthead of this very rare early colonial Gazette, one of the earliest imprints of the far-flung penal colony of Tasmania. Legal notices are its chief content. A column headed "CONVICT DEPARTMENT" gives the names and specifics of various cases. Some are convict matrimonial announcements (!), others pardons, and the much coveted ticket-of-Leave. Most unusual! Fine condition . . . 29.95
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N5-176. THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, 1847 - 1871. [Complete issue of 16 pages, large quarto size,published at London]
The world's first illustrated weekly newspaper, begun in 1842, this newspaper is the direct ancestor of all of today's news magazines. It is a classic in the history of journalism, packed with the best quality woodcut illustrations of the days' doings. My scan below shows some of the frontpage variety of illustration to be found in these great issues. Typical issue of the Victorian era in top condition is just. . . 8.95
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Uncommon Early Swedenborgian Monthly
N5-177. [ATMOSPHERE ISSUE] THE INTELLECTUAL REPOSITORY and NEW JERUSALEM MAGAZINE, 1847 to1849. [Complete issue of 40 pages, octavo size, published at Manchester, England, by Cave & Sever.]
Unusual monthly magazine, with content of interest to the "New Churchmen", followers of Emanuel Swedenborg. includes the progress of the movement in England, its teachings, and more "Miscellaneous Information" of interest to those who embraced the idea that Revelations was about to come to pass and the world would see a "New Jerusalem" of the elect. The movement gained many adherents in the British Isles, as here noted. Nice Provincial imprint.
Condition of this issue isvery fine . . . 3.95
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N5-181. ELIZA COOK'S JOURNAL, 1850. [Complete issue of 16 pages, 8vo size, published at London]
An attractive women's magazine of stories and verse. Its editor (1818 - 1889) was a Victorian poetess of great contemporary acclaim, the daughter of a London tradesman who rose to a position of status in society. She edited this magazine during 1849 - 54. The contents exemplify the tastes and morals of this perennially fascinating epoch of human history in the best style . Fine condition . . . 3.50
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N5-187. [Vellum Indenture]. Typical Example, 1850's - 1870's Virtually identical in format to MSS of the 1700's and earlier (See item N5-066 above), these beautiful larger sized legal documents are in top condition with all wax seals, tax stamps, printed headings, etc. as issued. All are in beautiful fresh condition; their content relates primarily to real estate transactions and related matters. All are written in English in a fully legible legal hand. Size is about 20" x 24" or larger. Popular collectible for display. Just, each . . . 19.95   Click here to go to my full Indenture Catalog.
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Victorian Chess Games
N5-198. THE FAMILY HERALD, 1858 - 1859.
[London]. Subtitled "A Domestic Magazine of Useful Information and Amusement" there is a regular department called "The Chess Player" which illustrates the game of the week with detailed account of the play. Nice item. Much more reading, news items, anecdotes and commentary. A Seated Britannia with shield and trident, just as she was depicted on the era's copper coins, graces the Masthead. 16 pages, quarto size; very fine . . . 4.95
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N5-203. ALL THE YEAR 'ROUND, 1859 to 1868. [London, 16pp octavo] Edited by Charles Dickens, this fine weekly is the continuation of HOUSEHOLD WORDS, with similar literary content by the great writer and other contributors, including the most notable luminaries of this remarkable era. Dickens' name is printed prominently in the Masthead . . . . 6.95 View Scan
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N5-204. REYNOLD'S MISCELLANY, 1865. [Complete issue of 16 pages, quarto size, published at London]
A weekly of adventure stories, romances, educational articles, answers the eraders' questions, etc., with a large frontpage woodcut and some text illustration. Subtitled "of Romance, General Literature, Science, and Art" it exemplifies the tastes and interests of high Victorian culture in one of the world's great cities. Like the London Journal in format yet a much less frequently encountered title. Fine condition . . . 4.95
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Dickens' Son Carries On
N5-205. [ATMOSPHERE ISSUE] ALL THE YEAR ROUND, 1873. [Complete issue of 16 pages, octavo size, published at London, by Whiting]
The subtitle of this paper, "A Weekly Journal Conducted by Charles Dickens" might give one pause to think, as that famous author had actually died in 1870! One would assume that the publishers sought to carry on the identification with the great writer, who began the weekly in 1850 as "HOUSEHOLD WORDS". In fact the Charles Dickens in question is the first editor's namesake son (1837 - 1896), here attempting to carry on his father's great literary tradition. The younger writer's modest claim to fame was his Dickens's Dictionary of London: An Unconventional Handbook, first published in 1879.
This magazine-format weekly is filled with a variety of reading, from the latest fiction to stories of historic, social, or technical interest, and has an attractive display masthead, where an Irish newsdealer's red rubber stamp is also impressed, a nice old tradition not often seen.
Condition of this issue is a nice very fine . . . 4.95
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THE TIMES, London. Founded in 1785 as the Daily Universal Register, the Times was far and away the world's greatest newspaper in the 19th century, the pinnacle of the journalist's art and craft, filled with the latest-breaking news, Parliamentary reports, and advertising. It was one of the earliest papers to rely on advertising as its main source of revenue and its far-sighted management embraced every new development in news gathering and printing technology. Every collection needs examples of this great daily, which I offer as follows. Extra postage for these large heavy newspapers is 1.25 per paper.

N5-215. Issue dated 1882 - 1890. [Complete issue of 12 - 20 pages, folio size, published at London]
From a transitional era, the end of the high Victorian period and the beginning of the Edwardian, with Britons looking forward to what then seemed a future of unlimited possibility as at last, led by science and reason, man departs the darkness of his origins, and the world is safe under the shield of Brittania. . . 5.95
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N5-216. Issue dated 1901 - 1902. [Complete issue of 16 - 20 pages, folio size, published at London]
From the very last of the reign of Victorian and the accession of her son Edward Albert, the new world emerges with the new century. Fine condition . . . 5.95
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N5-220. The Spectator, 1875 - 1887. [London]
The great weekly review of the passing scene. Extensive news and commentary, reviews of new plays, books, etc. Wonderful specimen of high Victorian taste and tradition. 24 pages, quarto size; fine . . . 4.95
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N5-230. The Whitehall Review, 1877 - 1878. [London]
Subtitled "A Weekly Journal of Politics, Finance, and Society", this paper is filled with articles on these topics plus excellent ads. A most interesting glimpse from ruling class perspectives into society in high Victorian times, its prejudices, virtues and foibles, its ferociously laissez-faire economy, and more. 24 pages, large 4to size; very fine . . . 4.95
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N5-236. The English Mechanic and World of Science, 1878 - 1885. [London]
The English equivalent of Scientific American, though not so well furnished with illustrations. Everything new in the world of technology in this era when it was catapulting humanity into a future unimaginable to its inventors. Nice ads, &c &c. 16 pages, quarto size; fine . . . 4.95
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N5-238. [India] THE ORIENTAL SPORTING MAGAZINE, 1870. [Complete issue of 24 pages, octavo size, published at Calcutta, India] From India a scarcer title devoted to the quintessential pastimes of the English gentleman, hunting and horse racing, and showing in detail how these avocations were adapted to life on the Indian subcontinent. Fine item, and a very scarce title . Fine, carefully removed from a volume, w/o wraps . . . 12.95
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Nicely Illustrated Young Woman's Fashion Weekly
N5-0240. THE YOUNG LADIES' JOURNAL, 1880 - 1886. [14 pages, quarto size, published at London]
This magazine is a wonderful epitome of the late Victorian world for young women, whose stirrings for equality with men rare beginning to profoundly affect the world's culture. There is weekly installment of a romance or adventure story, plus humor, anecdotes, advice, and so on. There is a nice cover illustration from the story of the week and a lovely doublepage centerfold woodcut in the best style of the latest fashions, accessories, and patterns of high-born young ladies. Fortunate purchase allows me to offer this excellent paper at a very special price. Fine . . . 2.95
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N5-241. [Guernesy]. LE GAZETTE DE GUERNSEY, 1884 - 1886. [Complete issue of 4 pages, large folio size, published at Guernsey, Channel Islands] The French heritage of this Channel Island, long a part of Great Britain, is evident in this unusual newspaper published almost entirely in that language. A big broadsheet with a fine display Masthead of the island's arms and on bright fresh rag paper stock. Very fine . . . 8.95
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N5-246. [Ireland]. THE IRISH FIRESIDE, published in 1887. [Dublin, Ireland]. Delightful reading abounds in this weekly Irish literary magazine. There are also departments about sporting, pastimes, "The Fireside Club" for younger readers, and more. Important step in the development of an Irish national literature after generations of suppression. Some illustrations, nice decorative Masthead of Irish family life. 16 pages, quarto size; fine. . . 12.95
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Scarce Newspaper From Down Under
N5-248. THE DAILY TELEGRAPH, typical issue printed in 1888. [Complete issue of 4 pages, large folio, 20" x 26" size, published at Launceton, Australia].
From the northern commercial city in Tasmania comes this uncommon Australian newspaper. It contains all the news of the day, with emphasis on the region's many commercial endeavors, including a regular column of "Mining News", plus sporting news, primarily cricket and horse racing, the doings of the governments local and national, and more. There is also a column of "Telegraphic Dispatches" of news from across the globe, as distant Australia is now linked to the rest of the world by that technological wonder of the age, the paper's namesake submarine telegraph cable. Hundreds of ads of all kinds round out this unique glimpse into the Australia of over a century ago. Quite uncommon, the city's second newspaper, NO HOLDINGS CITED in either the Union List of Serials or The British Union Catalog .
Condition of the issues is bright very fine on sound rag-based paper. Extra postage 1.00. Price, each issue, . . . 7.50
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N5-254. TIT-BITS, 1891 to 1892. [Complete issue of 16 pages, quarto size, published at London by George Newnes, Ltd.]
This attractive late Victorian weekly promises articles from "the most interesting books, periodicals, and contributors in the world." Each issue begins with a page of jokes, continuing with columns of answers to reader's questions on all topics, serialized stories, and comment on current events. Nice item. Fine condition . . . 2.95
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N5-268. The Sphere, 1914 - 1918. [London]
Superb war coverage in words and pictures fills this glossy magazine. Coverage is the finest of the era, extensively photo-illustrated, plus sketches of battle scenes that period cameras could not capture. Full news accompanies. Color covers, fine illust. ads too. 24 - 32 pages, large quarto size; very fine . . . 7.95
Please note that as this is a large, very heavy magazine, and additional shipping charge of 1.75 per issue will be applied.
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Contemporary Jewish Perspectives on Nazi Germany, Palestine
N5-279. THE JEWISH CHRONICLE, typical issue published in 1939. [tabloid size, complete issue of 48 to 64 pages, printed at London]

This superb weekly newspaper is termed "Organ of British Jewry" and is the successor to the first Jewish weekly in Britain, almost a hundred years old. The issues are filled with news and ads of interest to British Jews. There is substantial coverage of the increasingly terrible news coming out of Nazi Germany, in these final months before persecution becomes extermination - and the world's utter lack of interest in helping the victims of that genocidal regime. There is also much reporting from Palestine, then under British control, the progress of Zionism there, the condition and activities of Jews in Palestine, the displeasure of the Arabs, and more. Most historic, moving reading.
Condition is quite fine, removed from a bound volume. Extra domestic postage for these heavy papers is .85. Price per issue . . . 11.95
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Select here to go to our full British Journalism catalog, which offers newspapers individually described and catalogued for their historic significance, and selected ephemera.
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British Journalism Reference Books
Some references consulted in the preparation of this catalogue and suggested for further reading include the following

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    World Newspapers Introdcuctory Catalog

    A journalist! That means a grumbler, a censurer, a giver of advice, a regent of sovereigns, a tutor of Nations! Four hostile editors are more to be dreaded than a hundred thousand bayonets! -Napoleon Bonaparte, quoted in Journalism in the United States, 1873.
    Collecting non-English language items can be a vast field of study, limited only by the collector's interests. Some of the earliest forerunners of the newspaper originated in Europe; indeed some of these ephemeral imprints are thought to antedate the Gutenberg Bible itself. The earliest proto-newspapers flourished in 16th century Germany and Holland, and in 17th century France and Italy. Many issues of the 19th century and later can be obtained quite inexpensively, when they can be found. The contrasts of the generally heavily-censored foreign press with the free products of the Anglo-American world of journalism can be quite striking.

    France is Again Under a Bourbon King!
    N5-712. [ATMOSPHERE ISSUE] JOURNAL DU COMMERCE, De POLITIQUE et LITERATURE , August, 1815. [Complete issue of 4 pages, quarto size, published at Paris, France, by Antoine Bailleue]
    The issues in this group were printed just a few weeks after the final defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte, and the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy. For the first time in a generation Frenchmen again would read the "Ordonnonces du Roi" in their newspapers, and see -and pay for- a Royal tax stamp of three centimes in each issue. The inept new King was the brother of the unfortunate Louis XVI and was set on the throne by France's victorious enemies after 21 years of warfare. Filled with news of the day, the new government, etc., each issue a fine reminder of those troubled times and the fear that so haunted Americans of the day - the restoration of a tyrant king, forced on an oppressed population at the point of British bayonets. Figure of Mercury, patron of newsmen (and of merchants and thieves) in the masthead .
    Condition of this issue is fine . . . sold

    N5-737. JOURNAL DES DEBATS, 1825. [Complete issue of 4 pages, quarto size, published at Paris]. Detailed news reports from across Europe and the world highlight this fine daily newspaper. As may be expected from the title, regular columns on the doings of the "CHAMBRE DES DEPUTES" and lots more. Fine condition . . . 2.95

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    N5-744. GAZZETTA DE FIRENZE, 1826. [Complete issue of 4 pages, quarto size, published at Florence, Italy] This early Italian newspaper contains all the news of the day, form Europe and the world, along with local news in small footnote-like columns at the bottom of the pages. One Page One are two local and state tax stamps. Fine condition . . . 9.95
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    N5-788. IL SECOLO ILLUSTRATO, issue dated 1894 - 1901. [Milan, Italy; 8pp tabloid folio]. This newspaper is an attractive turn of the century pictorial, much like the American Harper's Weekly in appearance. It is a fine example of the new genre of SUnday pictorials, and its name means "The Illustrated Age" It contains three pages of excellent quality large sized woodcut illustrations, two pages of ads, and the rest letterpress news reports. An unusual addition to a world newspaper collection. Choice very fine . . . 4.95
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    N5-795. L'OUVRIER, 1907. [Complete issue of 4 pages, quarto size, published at Paris] This biweekly "Journal lIlustre" combines historical fiction with contemporary humor, and has a nice front-page wood engraving . Fine condition . . . 2.95
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    N5-803. ILLUSTRIERTE ZEITUNG, 1915. [Leipzig]. High quality German pictorial weekly magazine, packed with news and views of the war. Interesting coverage counters the Allied propaganda machine's portrayal of the bloodthirsty, rapacious "Hun". Britain had feared the threat to her global commercial interests of a united Germany from the day the Second Reich was proclaimed in 1871, and claimed every German action to be dangerous aggression. Interestingly the fiendish Kaisar Bill had not started a single conflict in the 26 years of his reign before Britain and France contrived to declare war on him in 1914. In the same period Britain and France slaughtered millions in the Third World in quest of global dominance, yet they represented themselves - and are rememberd to this day - as the standard-bearers of civilization. The Great War relied heavily on propaganda of this sort, laughably naive by later sophisticated forms of the art of persuasion. 24pp tabloid size, glossy magazine format, like the later American Life. . . . . 6.95
    Please note that as this is a large, very heavy magazine, and additional shipping charge of 1.00 per issue will be applied.
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    The First English Language Paper in Jerusalem
    N5-810. THE JERUSALEM NEWS, 1920. [Jerusalem, Palestine, singlesheet folio]. Volume I issue of the first English language daily newspaper printed in the ancient city, by the American diplomatic community there. Good content on this tumultuous era of British rule between liberation from the Turks and independence as Israel. A rare Middle Eastern newspaper, with no cited holdings in ULS or BUCOP (British Union Catalogue of Periodicals). Some minor edge browning, very well-preserved newsprint and quite a modern rarity . . . . 10.00 View Scan
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    The Nazi Party's Offical Spokesman
    N5-825. VOLKISCHER BEOBACHTER, 1936 - 1938.
    [Munich, Germany]. 8 - 12 pp folio. The official National Socialist "kampfblatt", or "newspaper of the struggle." Goebbel's enormously sophisticated daily newspaper is filled with the philosophy of National Socialism and its applications throughout the Reich and the world. A study in the official creation of "reality", this newspaper's stunning effectiveness in shaping public opinion is the role model for many later imitators, from Pravda to The Wall Street Journal. Rather than simply report false news, the editors slanted the articles so they appeared to support the party line. For example, photos of Jews rounded up for "transportation" are invariably described in the captions as more "terrorists" being removed from society for the readers' own safety. The issues I offer were spinecut when released from their former owner, the library of the U.S. War Department, and are from the Reich's heyday, as Germany rebounded from the disastrous loss of the Great War, rebuilt a shattered economy, expanding into a major world power again. Bold red and black headlines in Gothic script, fine condition 1.00 additional postage . . . $12.50
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    The Official Fascist Newspaper
    N5-826. [ATMOSPHERE ISSUE] IL POPOLO D'ITALIA, 1935 to 1939. [Complete issue of 8 pages, large folio size, published at Milan, Italy] With the masthead claim of "Fundatore Benito Mussolini" (as bogus as most of Il Duce's other claims), this is the daily newspaper of the Italian Fascist movement, whose name translates "The Italian People". It contains the Party version of the day's events national and international, plus opinion and editorials, largely in praise of the Leader. There are also sections on sports, domestic life, travel, leisure, and recreation, reminding us that these were, after all, just people the same as any.
    Hitler much admired Mussolini and patterned much of his National Socialist movement on the Italian precedent; he soon eclipsed his mentor, and Mussolini, much to his chagrin, became the junior partner in the striving of both nations to create a pan-European fascist state. Condition is fine, original state, never bound, quite nice on sound paper, some with the faintest of fold browning . . . 7.50
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