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Number Date Description
G1-008 1648 An orIgInal Act of the Parliament of the Commonwealth of England, seeking to abolish the hated House of Lords.
E5-001 1764 A very early prIntIng -almost certainly the fIrst- of Ben Franklin's "bagatelle" "The Parable of PersecutIon".
E6-050 1792 News of America's first Indian War and the successful rising of Haitian slaves, in a very scarce magazine.
E3-226 1793 Louis XVIII declares himself King of revolutionary France, in a rare Boston broadside newspaper Extra.
E2-204 1800 Fine early report of of the death of George Washington - in a rarely-seen newspaper from Paris.
G4-007 1804 The coining of the 1804 Dollar at Matthew Boulton's Birmingham Mint is the subject of fine article of numismatic interest in a great early British magazine.
E2-197 1805 A fine account of the Second Inauguration of Thomas Jefferson, with his memorable Inaugural Address.
E3-310 1822 Unique Volume One Issue of the first newspaper printed In Florida.
B-013 1831 A remarkable copper-engraved illustrated broadsIde of the CoronatIon of England's KIng William IV.
E1-325 1831 Important Mormon history in the Baltimore newspaper reporting Joseph Smith's announcement that his followers are to leave hostile New York for "the promised land" which has been revealed to him to be in Ohio.
G1-282 1833 A unique large folio broadside of an upcoming agricultural fair, printed as the last page of the town's weekly newspaper.
G2-213 1833 Scarce issue of the monthly magazine of the American Colonization Society, founders of Liberia, and dedicated to ending America's slavery woes by repatriating the unfortunates to a republic of their own in Africa.
G1-247 1836 Of great numismatic interest is this Baltimore newspaper with a page one report of the new Gobrecht Seated Liberty silver dollar, the first dollar coins minted in a generation.
G1-248 1841 The fIrst appearance In prInt of a story by the great AmerIcan poet Walt WhItman, "The Child's Champion", on the heartbreak of growing up in an alcoholic home.
G1-225 1845 FIrst prIntIng of Edgar Allen Poe's "The System of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether".
G1-279 1845 The past comes alive in this handwritten New Orleans estate Inventory, with several pages of names and descriptions of the plantation's slaves..
G1-303 1845 An Important antislavery newspaper owned by the Liberty Party's presidential candidate and prominent Abolitionist James G. Birney.
G2-284 1845 Rare newspaper containing an announcement of "A GREAT MATCH AT BASE BALL", the game between the "New York Bass [sic] Ball Club" with the Brooklyn club to be held tomorrow at the famed "Elysian Fields" ball park.
G1-250 1847 Several issues of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Walt WhItman's edItorshIp, each being one of only two known surviving examples of the date.
G2-212 1851 First edition of sheet music containing the words and music of Stephen Foster's classic "Plantation song "Oh Boys Carry Me 'Long.
N-615 1851 An original Washington daily newspaper owned by a future United States President, James Buchanan'.
G1-037 1853 A rare and graphic slave narrative written by a woman, being the fIrst appearance In prInt of AfrIcan-AmerIcan author Harriet Jacobs.
G1-231 1855 The first -and only- issue of Hawaii's first women's newspaper. A very uncommon survivor!.
G3-258 1855 A remarkable collection of scarce antebellum Tennessee legal imprints.
G4-016 1857 One of the first articles in an American newspaper on the coin collecting "mania", with an illustration of the brand new Flying Eagle Cent.
G4-015 1857 Great account of the sinking of the treasure ship Central America carrying millions in California gold, which has been recently salvaged from the sea floor in an epic modern adventure.
G1-560 1860 Fine early California pamphlet, with original printed wraps, celebrates at the Laying of the Corner Stone of the New Pioneer Hall, where only pre-1849 Californians can be members, and honoring John Sutter, whose discovery of gold at his mill prompted the great Gold Rush.
G1-249. 1863 The orIgInal fIrst prIntIng of Walt WhItman's Civil War article, "The Great Army of the Sick", in the great New York Times.
G4-009 1869 A fine example of the much-sought Harper's Weekly issue containing an engraving men of the Cincinnati Red Stockings club, in this first season of American Professional baseball.
G4-006 1872 Full bound year of an Indian publication using actual pasted-in photographs for illustration, a year before the first mentioned example of the practice.
G1-389 1872 An unrecorded and probably unique annual volume of the Lynn (Mass.) Daily Transcript containing one of the earliest writings of Mary Baker Eddy in defense of her new religious ideas which would become the foundation of the Christian Science Church.
G5-005 1875 Remarkable intact archive of documents of the worldwide voyage of the schooner John F. Krantz of Portland, Maine.

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