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My Online Catalogs of Historic Newspapers and Ephemera
Catalogs of the Earliest Americana
Select here for a nice selection of quality early American printed and handwritten items, all dated before about 1830. In this period, printing and paper making were true hand crafts, well before the Industrial Revolution made mass production possible. With tiny original press runs, all items from this era are scarce to rare and are highly prized by modern collectors, yet their prices start at under $5.
Introductory Catalog of "atmosphere issues"    Standard Catalog of individually described items
19th Century Americana Catalog
Here we offer newspapers and other items from between about 1830 and 1910, not including the Civil War. This period is one of startling change and rapid growth. It begins with the government in the hands of the men who created it, and continues with their children and their struggles to complete the work their fathers had left undone. Meanwhile, the most fundamental social, political, and economic changes continued unabated, radially transforming the notion of what it meant to be American. The small agricultural republic of 1800 would be replaced by a great world power by 1900, driven by an economic and industrial growth unparalleled in history.
Standard Catalog of individually described items
Introductory Catalog of "atmosphere issues" before the Civil War
Introductory Catalog of "atmosphere issues" after the Civil War
Civil War Catalog
A selection of original newspapers and ephemera of 1861 to 1865, selected for the quality and interest of their war coverage. Here is first person reporting of the climactic years of American history, four grim years of bloodshed and destruction from which emerged a new and wholly changed nation.
Introductory Catalog of "atmosphere issues"    Standard Catalog of individually described items
British Journalism and Ephemera Catalog.
Featured here are some of the earliest newspapers in our language, plus fine early vellum manuscripts, together with excellent items selected for their reporting of events of very early American history. British journalism is a fascinating field of study and the ancestor of all American efforts in the field. World newspapers and magazines may also be found here.
Introductory Catalog of "atmosphere issues"    Standard Catalog of individually described items
Modern, Foreign, and Miscellany Catalog
Here you will discover a selection of twentieth century newspapers, both U.S. and foreign. There are also overseas imprints as far back as the eighteenth century, and a general variety of more recent collectible paper miscellany and some coins and stamps.
Introductory Catalog of "atmosphere issues"    Standard Catalog of individually described items
Early Leaves Catalog
"Leaves" are pages from the earliest handwritten and printed books, dating between about 1250 and 1625. Today, the old leaves are wonderful and surprisingly affordable specimens of the work of the first printers in the western world, highly prized by modern connoisseurs. Early leaves are ideal for framed display, and will add their unique charm to the ambiance of your home or office.
Illuminated Manuscript and pre-1501 Leaves
Leaves from 1501 through the 1700s
Leaves from English language Bibles, 1541 to 1628
Vellum Indenture Catalog.
A remarkable offering of English Vellum Indentures from 1680 to 1895. Measuring as large as three by two feet, these beautiful large legal documents, handwritten on sheepskin, feature exquisite calligraphy, bold signatures, red sealing wax seals, and British Royal tax stamps. They make striking and unique decorations for home or office when framed, and are here offered at very reasonable prices, starting at under $30.
Reference Book Catalog.
A selection of useful books on the subject of collecting and history, with emphasis on American journalism past and present. They are mostly brand new books, which we are pleased to be able to offer at prices discounted from the original list prices. From time to time there will be selections of used and rare books on newspapering, and othjer topics, some printed as early as the 1850's.

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Our Collector Information Resource Pages
A Brief History of Newspapers. An overview of nearly the five hundred year heritage of news communication, with a bibliography and references to Net resources on the topic.
Why Collect Old Newspapers? An appreciation of old newspapers and what they can tell us about the present, as well as the past.
How To Collect Old Newspapers. Suggestions based on other collectors' experiences of how to build a fine -and valuable- collection of American journalism history. At today's modest price levels very fine collections can easily be assembled to document our nation's rich and colorful heritage.
Some Collecting Categories An explanation of the terms used to headline our catalogs (see below) to differentiate papers from historical periods and places of origin.
What is Collectible Condition? The new collector may be surprised to discover the remarkably fine condition of old newspapers, which were printed on very durable rag linen paper, nothing like the poor quality paper of today's newspapers. We also define the different grades of condition here that you will see in our catalogs.
How Old Newspapers Are Valued. There can be a dramatic difference in price between "atmosphere" newspapers and issues containing historic news stories, and here we explain the hows and whys of determining what old papers are worth.
Identifying Reproductions. Reprints have been made over the years of some old newspapers. Not intended to deceive collectors, they are very easy to identify, when you know what to look for. Check here for listings of the most commonly encountered fakes, and how to determine the authenticity of suspect items.
Conservation. Here is an introductory discussion of how to store your collections in order to preserve their fine condition. The methods are simple and guarantee successful results.
How To Collect Today's Newspapers. Suggestions about what newspapers from our time are most likely to become tomorrow's collectors' items, and how to selectand preserve a fine collection to document the rich heritage of our times.
Collecting Illuminated Manuscripts. Before the invention of the printing press and paper, books were written by hand on sheepskin. Here is a history of these popular and surprisingly affordable collectibles, which date to A.D. 1250 to 1450.
What is "Incunabula"? The earliest, and most prized, printed collectors items date from the pre-1501 "Incunabula" period of printing, which is here outlined.
Glossary of Collector Terms. Some definitions of terms you will find in our and others' catalogs of paper and books.
How to Read Our Catalogs. A simple explanation of the elements in our catalog descriptions and what they mean. We strive for accuracy in our descriptions and here explain our standard bibliographic conventions.
Our Terms of Sale. Please be sure to read before ordering. We guarantee that all items we sell are genuine and correctly described, backed up by a prompt no-questions-asked refund of any item that fails to please. Also here are available shipping methods, payment acceptance, etc.

Our Online Services and Resources
Want List Service. Full information on how we may be able to be of help to you in tracking down those special historical items you may be seeking. Our specialty is the period of 1700's and 1800's and there are many, many fine issues in stock not yet catalogued.
Catalog Notification Service. Sign up here to receive advance notice by e-mail of when new catalogs go online. This material is very popular and tends to sell out quickly, so this service is highly recommended.
Appraisal Service. Do you need a formal appraisal of the value of your holdings of historic newspapers? Do you wish a written statement of authenticity of an especially collectible issue? We can provide full appraisal of market value of collections and accumulations, with documentation executed in full compliance with current IRS estate appraisal standards.

Links to Others' Websites
Coming soon. This section, presently under construction, will feature links to public sites on the World Wide Web that offer information on history and collecting. Also included will be select commercial websites which I recommend as reputable sources for supplies, reference books, and more.

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